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Why You Should Care

When it comes to litter, your actions add up. Taking the time to find the proper disposal methods and picking up misplaced trash both make an impact on the cleanliness of our city and our quality of life. It also helps local solid waste teams, who have already picked up over 300,000 lbs of litter in the last year. Scroll down to learn more about properly handling litter, and how you can take pride in your city.

300,000+ pounds of litter collected last year


There are two ways to make a difference:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is litter only from people intentionally throwing it on the ground?

No, sometimes litter comes from animals getting into garbage bags outside of containers, blowing out of cars or trucks, or people being careless. Be mindful of your trash and keep it contained.

What does the city do about litter?

The city has crews that clean up litter throughout the city every day, all year long. Learn more about the Clean Collaborative.

Where does litter usually occur?

Litter often comes from people visiting convenience stores, gas stations, fast food restaurants, and retail parking areas. There is often more litter in areas where pedestrians walk away from these sites.

What can I throw in a public litter basket?

Public litter baskets are for pedestrians to dispose of light garbage. Bags of household or business trash are not allowed. When litter baskets are used inappropriately the container fills up too quickly which creates more litter.

What if I see someone litter from their vehicle?

You can report a litterer to our Solid Waste Enforcement team through Metro311. Choose “Trash Complaints and Violations,” then “Litter Complaint.” Enter as much information as possible including license plate number, vehicle information (car color, make and model), time and location of incident, type of litter, and if litterer was the driver or passenger.

Get Involved

Contact us to get more information, learn how to sponsor a clean up, or find out how you can help keep Louisville clean!

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