Oil-based paints are considered household hazardous waste and need to be brought to the Haz Bin, located at 7501 Grade Lane.


The latex paint recycling program has been suspended due to COVID-19. Please refer to disposal guidelines below.

Latex paint can be recycled. The collected paint is reblended and sold at Habitat ReStore locations in Louisville. The money raised from the sale of recycled latex paint is reinvested in our community to create affordable home ownership opportunities.

Recycling Guidelines:
  • LATEX PAINT ONLY. Not sure? Check the label - if it only requires water for clean up, it most likely qualifies as latex. 

  • Leaking, unlabeled and empty containers will not be accepted.

  • Containers with open lids or obvious cracks will not be accepted.

  • Excessively rusted containers will not be accepted.

  • Latex paint that had been stored in an unheated space will not be accepted.   

  • Must be in its original container. 

  • Must pass the shake test; paint should move inside the container when shaken. 

  • If less than 1 inch of paint remains, follow disposal guidelines below. Like colors may be combined prior to dropping off. 

  • Anything oil based or requiring paint thinner or other solvents for cleanup is a hazardous material and should be taken to HAZ BIN. Oil based paint is accepted year round.

How to dispose of latex paint that does not meet the guidelines:


Add cat litter to the paint can (one part cat litter to one part paint) and stir until is has an oatmeal-like consistency. Allow the mixture to sit until mostly solid. (It may take a day or two.) Throw paint can with the dried paint into the garbage. Recycle the lid. 


For very small amounts, you can paint on cardboard or newspaper and discard the cardboard/newspaper in the garbage when dry. Throw the paint can in the garbage and recycle the lid. 

Have more questions? Use Louisville's free waste and recycling app Recycle Coach!

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